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Not Sarah Lawrence!

it's in Wisconsin

Lawrence University: Freezing since 1847
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This school is: a private liberal arts college with a conservatory of music in Appleton, Wisconsin.

This school is not: located in Lawrence, Kansas, nor is it Sarah Lawrence College, Saint Lawrence College, or Lawrence Technological University

Join us: This community is open to any student, past, present, or future. High school students interested in learning more about Lawrence are invited to ask questions, too. The weather in Appleton bites, but we don't.

Discuss: housing, Freshman Studies, Greek life, the con, academics, extracurriculars, graduate schools, the number of buildings that are falling into the river, the faculty

Diversify the community: If you want things added to the interests list, email the moderator.

Because high speed is sometimes 56K: If you have pictures to post, please feel free to do so. However, you are required, repeat required (as in, you'll enjoy a one-week ban if you don't) to put them behind an lj-cut. If you don't know how to do this, instructions can be found here. This not only saves bandwidth, but it saves time and frustration for those who use a dial-up connection.

Say hello: If you're new to the community, please put up a short post with your name, year of graduation, and what you're doing now if you've left LU.

Ask first: Please don't advertise your community, band, service, etc. here unless it's directly related to LU (LUJE concert, sporting event, et. al.). If you feel it's something the community members could benefit from, email the moderator and she'll approve you, maybe. Failure to do this will result in a cranky modthwap and removal from the community if the offense is repeated.

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