alistaircookie (alistaircookie) wrote in lawrentians,

Intro to Psychology

I'm taking Intro to Psych with Hetzler, and I'm enjoying the class a lot, but one thing is worrying me: my advisor was very adamant about the dificulty of his exams. She basically warned me that the exams are teh devil and told me to seek out someone who's taken the class and who can show me what to expect on his exams.

So this is where I'm going for help. Has anyone taken Intro to Psych who would like to meet up to share valuable wisdom, test-taking skill, or old exams so I have some idea of what to deal with?

I'd be eternally grateful, and you'd get to meet a freshman(!).

Bonus points if anyone is a paid tutor. That way, you benefit, too. (Of course, I could find one of those if I went to Academic Services, I think. And I have no experience with that, either.)

So...suggestions? People who want to meet up? Please do tell.

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