jegrasso (jegrasso) wrote in lawrentians,

Getting to Madison

I am a Lawrence student, therefore I live in Appleton. I would greatly like to get to Madison during the fall term reading period (October 26th to 29th). I gather Madison is a fairly large city, yet this seems impossible to achieve.

I have no car on campus.
I am too young to rent a car.
Greyhound takes about 7 hours to get from Appleton to Madison.
Lamer Bus Lines does not go near Madison.

Can you get a taxi or something that far? Are any of the trains I hear going by daily passenger trains? Is there any possible way to get to Madison in about 2-3 hours? Am I missing something blatantly obvious?

EDIT: Amtrak is out. They have stations in both Appleton and Madison, but they are not connected by any route (although I could get home to Pittsburgh on a train!).
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