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This prospie is back for another round of questions, lol. I posted a while back on a different user name as a junior about the double degree program and getting into the conservatory...blahblah, etc.

Anyway, so I'm back. I'm diving headfirst into applications right about now (yuck) and it's really looking like Lawrence is one of my top, if not my first, choices. One problem.

The cash.

I know that I shouldn't look at the money and go to the place that is the best fit. But it's hard to convince myself (and my parents, for that matter) that it's worth the extra 25 grand a year. (That's without financial aid, I know. But still, take off a max of 10,000 for scholorships/grants and that's still 15,000 X at least 4 = 60,000...ouchhh.)

Do you ever regret going to Lawrence? Is it worth the extra money? Why?

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